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Fishing season

Thanks to the region's Nordic conditions and its deep lakes, fishing is excellent from June to September. Good-sized Arctic Char and speckled trout will put up a fight you're sure to remember! Stays at our camps also provide an opportunity to enjoy other activities (with your spouse, a group or family) such as hiking in the forest, canoeing and swimming.

Type of fishing :     
  • light fishing
  • trolling
  • fly fishing on a lake or on a ford river
  • Types of fish :
    Species :Dolly Varden
    Common name :Acrtic char trout
    Latin name :Salvelinus alpinus
    Length :Between 14 in and 28 in (36 - 71 cm)
    Our record :28 ½ in (71 cm), 9 lbs
    Species :Brook trout
    Common name :Speckled trout
    Latin name :Salvelinus fontinalis
    Length :Between 10 in and 20 in (26 - 51 cm)
    Our record :22 in (56cm), 4 lbs
                        - The quota is 20 trout in total, possession/allowed : Arctic char and speckled trout.
                        - A maximum of 3 arctic char by permit to preserve the survival of the species at the Lac Costebelle.
                        - No obligatory permit for the kids. They can fish on the quota of a parent.
    Hunting season

    In the autumn, the Lower North shore boasts one of the highest success rate for moose hunting. Air Aventure Côte-Nord invites you to try your hand at our camp on Lac Costebelle or at one of the many camps scattered throughout the region. This unspoiled territory in zone 19 south offers outstanding hunting during the late September season.

    Ice fishing

    Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite sport on ice in the winter. Air Aventure Côte-Nord also offers them unforgettable snowmobiling and dogsledding expeditions. Back at the camp in the evening, you'll swap fishing stories and share the day's excitement around a warm fire while having the privilege of admiring an aurora borealis.

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